It is the policy of Richiam EcoNaturals to refund the cost of the product, but not the delivery cost, if the customer is not satisfied with the product. The delivery cost will only be refunded if there was an error caused by Richiam EcoNaturals.

The customer will have an option to receive a refund or replace the item. If a replacement is chosen, then the customer may replace the product for either the same product, or any other product with the same price. The customer can also opt to pay the difference for a higher priced item, or receive a refund for the difference if the product they choose is of lessor value.

The customer has 14 days in which to notify Richiam EcoNaturals, that they wish to return or replace a product that is unopened.

The customer has 60 days in which to return or replace a product that is open, in which they deem to be not appropriate for their needs.

It is our policy to ensure that you as the customer, will be satisfied with any product that you purchase from Richiam
EcoNaturals, and we will gladly help you with any concerns that you may encounter while using our products.