The Richiam EcoNaturals website has been developed in good faith and on an, "as is" basis. The information within the website or correspondence sent by Richiam EcoNaturals is current as at the time the information was placed on the website or sent to the customer.

We also do not imply that the website will be free of errors, mistakes, omissions and accuracy. Richiam EcoNaturals will endeavour to ensure that this is limited, but concedes that this may happen from time to time.

There may also be times due to unforeseen circumstances or machinery failure whether directly, indirectly or third party, that the website may experience difficulties operating at its optimum levels. This may affect transmission, ordering, emailing, security and other.

All product ingredients, data, sizing, etc,. are current at the time of listing, however from time to time some products may change their ingredients and sizing, etc. Richiam EcoNaturals constantly monitors these changes where possible, but their may be instances where these changes are not communicated by the manufacturer effectively, and therefore we cannot take responsibility for this. If a products was purchased where ingredient changes were made and were not suitable to the purchaser, and not realised until after the product was received by a customer, then our no questions asked "Money Back Guarantee" would apply.

Even though in some instances, there may be issues that are out of the control of Richiam EcoNaturals, our aim is to please the customer, and provide them with the product and service that is expected.